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Heal Your Mind And Body when muscles relax The deep penetrating heat of your sauna dilates blood vessels, bringing relief and healing to muscles and joints. Increased blood circulation provides greater flexibility and range of motion. Far Infrared Has The Power To Heal The Human Body Far infrared is part of the sun’s invisible light spectrum that is essential to plants, animals, and humans. Infrared heat is a form of energy that penetrates the body by warming muscles and tissue directly without heating the air. Infrared energy keeps us warm and repairs body tissue.
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Our Sauna Benefits Built to your existing room size Constructed in easy to assemble sections Includes all of the pieces needed to assemble the sauna Include 1-2 MPS Touchview Controls, depending on the size of the sauna Requires two 120 volt/20 amp outlets Can include a single level bench, or double level benches Custom shapes, such as an L-shape or straight bench Optional perimeter chromotherapy lighting Recommended locations include indoor rooms such as closets, bathrooms, grarages, or existing traditional sauna rooms Must be built on an indoor level foundation Custom saunas take 6-8 weeks to produce Saunas can be assembled (preferably by a carpenter) in 4-8 hours Great for commercial applications (health clubs, hot yoga, gyms, etc.)
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Stop in and see our huge 5300 square foot showroom and see all the models under one roof. talk to our friendly and knowledgeable staff today about some of the reasons why we have the best Sauna’s.