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Legacy Pools are simple to set-up and easy to disassemble and pack away during the cold winter months. The thick marblized liner of a Legacy Pool has a polyester woven core running throughout it, so it will not shrink or dry out when the pool is stored. Though most families just leave their pool up, it can easily be moved and stored away as needed. It took over 16 years to create one of the finest examples of superior craftsmanship in the pool industry. Every part of a Legacy Pool is designed to be easy to install and durable enough to withstand the constant daily exposure to the sun, the chemicals and the kids. Though it might take some families a bit longer, a Legacy Pool really is that easy to install on almost any type of surface, such as grass, dirt, or concrete. The pool itself only contains a few parts (a liner and a frame) and can be assembled without tools. When you're finished and the pool is filled, all your neighbors will marvel at the sight of your beautiful new pool. Then, when they ask in total disbelief, "You assembled this?", you can just smile and say "Yep I did it myself." Best of all, prices start at only $1495.00. This is the last pool you will ever buy. And you can pick up all the pool chemicals you need here. If needed, we can service your pool and winterize it for you.
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Our Pool Benefits Coolest new pool on the market Extremely solid design Easy setup or takedown in under an hour Practical and affordable Leave it up year round if you like Heavy duty commercial grade pump and filter Sizes from 19' to 41' long - 52" deep Durable 4 layer zinc plated frame Frame is 100% weld free 35 MIL nonslip linear We can ship anywhere in the continental USA 30 year warranty
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